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About our company

The company LLC Porto provides complex customs clearing services to legal entities and self-employed entrepreneurs in performing customs operations related to the movement of goods within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

LLC Porto is engaged in registration of shipping documents, required certificates, as well as any necessary documents. The customs representative acts in the interests of the owner of the goods on his behalf and on his behalf. The work is carried out directly with the customs authorities and, therefore, can only be carried out by a team of qualified specialists who take on the task of resolving all issues related to customs clearance of various types of cargo.

Attracting our company at the preprocessing stage of an import-export contract allows us to choose the optimal scheme for cargo delivery through customs, to carry out registration correctly and as quickly as possible, which ultimately will avoid unnecessary costs and problems.

The services of our employees are an excellent solution for companies related to the import / export of goods from abroad. A reliable partner in this matter minimizes possible risks and significantly reduces the time for customs clearance of goods.

Our services

Customs clearance services

Customs clearance of goods is a set of mandatory measures that must be carried out in accordance with the current legislation when moving goods of different types across the border of the Russian Federation. The provision of customs services is one of the main activities of our company, the specialists of LLC Porto will competently and safely conduct your cargo through customs! We provide services for registration of the following customs procedures:

- import
- export
- temporary import / export
- re-export
- carnet ATA (goods for exhibition).

Our experts carry out:
- Check and preparation of a set of documents
- Selection of HS codes
- Control of customs value and calculation of customs payments
- Assistance in obtaining electronic signature
- Registration of the company in the customs authorities
- Preparation, submission of the Customs Declaration and its release in accordance with the declared regime.

Logistics services

Cargo transportation is a cycle of operations with forwarding support. Our company provides transportation services with full guarantee that the goods will be delivered safely and on time. Cooperation with us takes place without worries and additional troubles on the part of the client. You set a task for us, and we develop a plan for its implementation and provide our services efficiently and quickly, including:

- we develop the most appropriate route with the selection of the optimal type of transport with minimal costs for the client (air, road, rail, container and multimodal transportation)
- we assist in the delivery of consolidated and small cargoes, consolidating them in intermediate warehouses in Europe
- we provide delivery throughout the territory of the Russian Federation
- we prepare shipping documents in accordance with the requirements of international and Russian legislation
- we organize cargo insurance.

Certification Services

Our company provides services for certification and obtaining various documents, including:

- State registration certificates
- Certificates of conformity
- Declaration of Conformity
- Fire safety certificates
- Certificates of origin
- Alcohol Protocols
- Exemption letters
- Expert opinions
- Conclusions of FSTEC
- Phytosanitary certificates
- Veterinary certificates
- Licenses
- Notifications
- Exemption list.